New Beginnings

As you may have noticed,  I’ve recently done a major website overhaul…. and lost all my old posts and files in the process! Ack. In the spirit of meeting challenges head-on, I’m just going to start fresh from this point. I guess it’s a good time anyway, since I’ve re-started my design career with a new focus on art journaling and new energy.

When I retired from digital scrapbook design this past Spring, my creativity had reached a very low point. I had no desire to design, I was physically and emotionally exhausted, and I was still unable to really start healing from unexpectedly losing my Dad the year before.

With the whole summer before me (we start our homeschool in mid-August) I suddenly had plenty of time on my hands, and my hands itched to “do art”. I had been dabbling in my sketchbook and watercolors for a few months, but I wanted to take it further. So with my brain filled up with images of stunning mixed-media and art journal projects from Pinterest and all the advice I could possibly read from popular art journalers, I started my art-journal journey.

And it was a big fat FAIL. Yep, you read that right. It sucked. I hated everything I tried. Thankfully with a bit of soul-searching, it didn’t take me too long to realize why. Remember all those beautiful mixed-media Pinterest projects I mentioned? They were gorgeous, inspirational, and wonderful examples of art journaling that I thought could guide me in my own process. Well, they weren’t ME.

As soon as I put all my expectations aside and stopped worrying about making the end result look a certain way, I was able to see the “me” in my art journaling.

After several months of creating just for me, I’m at the place where I can once again sell my art commercially without worrying about what I “should” be making, but instead focusing on what I want to create. I won’t be designing ‘traditional’ digital scrapbooking products like I did before my break. Instead, I’ll be creating digital products from my mixed media art. My goal is to create digital versions of my artwork that fellow artisans can use either in their digital scrapbooking, digital art journaling, or print to use in their own mixed media work. I am so very thankful to be back at my digi-home, Scrap Orchard. I really missed being an Orchard Girl!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m working on lots of video tutorials as well as some e-courses! Keep checking back, and subscribe to my newsletter to get all the details and exclusive discounts on upcoming classes!

I’m so excited to begin this new phase of my creative career, and I hope you’ll join me!

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